James McBrien was the first man to discover gold in the Bathurst region when he stumbled on gold dust at Fish River in 1823.  Unfortunately, as a government employee, he wasn't allowed to keep it or tell anyone. It was another 30 years before the gold rush would transform the area, but by then it was too late for poor old Jimmy Mac.


A deliciously fresh, easy drinking Golden Ale, our Jimmy Mac pours bright and clear, with tropical and honey flavours and a refreshing, clean finish.  It's an easy drinking ale perfect for a lazy afternoon session in the sun.  And we're pretty sure once you discover it, it won't take 30 years for you to have your next one.  



Availability: Year-round at the brewery and on tap at selected outlets

We spent a good part of our formative years living in Temora in Southern NSW.  A trotting town, one of Temora’s most famous exports was the great harness racing horse, Paleface Adios.  Known as the Temora Tornado, the white-faced chestnut was a superstar in his day winning 108 races over an incredible 9 year career.  Go you good thing!


Our Paleface has a unique blend of Aussie and Kiwi hops, with hints of pine and stone fruit, and tends towards a chestnut colour with a foamy white head. It's the perfect choice for a day on the punt.  


Availability: Year-round at the brewery and on tap & packaged at selected outlets year round.

As well as a brewer and all-round good guy, Greg also happens to be a pilot, continuing a family tradition kicked off by our grandfather, George "Papa" Campbell. George was a pioneer of regional aviation in NSW, teaching countless students from the country how to fly over a career spanning some 60 years, including as Chief Flying Instructor at Bathurst in the 1950's and 60's.


Named in George’s honour using the phonetic alphabet, our India Papa Alpha is an International style IPA - a British style malt base with a late dry hopping using US hops giving it a distinctively fresh pine and fruit aroma.  We love our India Papa Alpha and we think George would have too.


Availability: Year-round at the brewery and on tap & packaged at selected outlets

Our Porter is made with a healthy addition of "chocolate" (toasted) malt which gives it its distinctive dark colour.  With hints of chocolate and spacefood sticks (remember those!) and a refreshing bitterness at the finish, it’s surprisingly light and sessionable.  


Availability: Year-round at the brewery and on tap & packaged at selected outlets in winter


The Germans know how to make a beer that you can drink all day.  From a stein. In the sun. With pretzels.  In Bavaria, that beer is a "Helles" Pale Lager.  


Simple, crisp and delicious, using pilsner malt and a single hop, our Hellvis pays tribute to the great Bavarian tradition of easy drinking helles lagers, with a respectful nod to the oft-impersonated King of Rock and Roll. 


We may not be Bavarian, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!


Availability: Spring & Summer At the brewery and on tap & packaged at selected outlets

Hoppier than a Pale Ale, but less bitter than an IPA, our Piper XPA is a West Coast style ale bursting with tropical fruit and grassy aromas thanks to a late addition of Mosaic hops.


Created as a collaboration with Nick M, a local homebrewer who won our first ever Homebrew Competition, this 6.4% Autumn seasonal is proving to be so popular (and delicious) that we may just keep it on all year.


Availability: Year-round at the brewery, Autumn & Winter on tap at selected outlets

All Aussie Pale Ale - Aussie malts from Voyager Craft Malt, and all-Aussie grown hops. Refreshing easy drinking summer ale, available now.

Windfall Saison (Spring 17)

Traditional farmhouse style ale flavoured with Feijoa Limited edition barrel-aged version in 750ml bottles available soon by special order. 

Windfall Saison (Summer 18)

Traditional farmhouse ale flavoured with Lemon Myrtle. Available on tap now at the brewery and at select Sydney venues. Coming to cans soon.

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